Hello Islanders, it is that time of the year when we, at Bere Island, have our Annual Volunteer Beach Clean up. Yaay!! This is the moment we restore the beauty of our dearest Island beach to its peak by cleaning up the dirt. The event, as we all know, is coming up from the 25th of September to the 29th of September 2020.

This year, the Bere Island annual volunteer beach cleanup is going to experience an amazing twist with an unforgettable difference, and we are all super excited about it. Instead of having to gather for this cause, we will instead be having wonderful hands join us in the event this year.

The Beare destination is so honored and beyond doubt really happy to have 1500 Irish online casino employees volunteer to join the annual Bere Island beach cleanup. Wonderful right? You can say that again! It is a privilege to have them join us as we clean up nature’s blessing to us and save the living organisms in the beach. We cannot wait to kick start the event!

Bere Island Is Heavily Littered by Tourists

An Island cannot do without tourists except it is deserted, and we know tourists cannot sustain the urge to visit the beach. This makes it inevitable for tourists to come to visit the beautiful richness of Irish nature in Bere Island Beach. As much as this brings revenue to us, the tourists also leave the beach in a bad shape.

Tourists leave a lot of garbage behind when they come around. The garbage ranges from plastic bottles to empty food containers, plastic forks and knives, beer cans, wine bottles, sanitary towels, etc. All this defaces the island and most especially causes harm to the living organisms in the ocean. This is because of the trapped oxygen and the unavailability of sunlight to the plants in it.

A lot of tourists are not conscious of this action, and they litter the beach without knowing. So, we have to take it upon ourselves to organize the cleanup so the living organisms are safe and the beauty is restored. The volunteers we will be having around from the Irish online Casinos will help clean up the whole beach which estimates around 45 tons of garbage to be collected.

Meet the Voluntary Team Leaders

For this event, we are delighted to have two team leaders who will be managing the Irish online casino comparison sites volunteers. The volunteers will be divided into two different groups. Each group having 750 volunteers to clean up Bere Island beach garbage.

Mr. Mark Connolly will be the leader of the first team. He is a casino review specialist and a talented casino expert with an eye for terms and condition. Mr. Connolly will be able to use his expertise in leading the team and his skills in reviewing will be effective in scrutinizing the team’s progress.

The second team will be having Miss Aoife White as their leader. She is a casino game reviewer, ex-professional online slot player with broad knowledge about casino games, odds and card counting. These attributes make her a good fit for the role as she will be able to review the team’s work and lead them to fulfill their goal.

We cannot wait to have them around and some new Irish betting sites!